Our Mission

Armed with a deep love for cutting and reined cow horses Upstate Cow Horse Productions is committed to promoting the cow horse events to all levels of riders throughout the northeast through innovative marketing and offerings. We are creating venues that allow customers to show their horse for the biggest bang for their buck, by bringing the Texas sized venues to our northeastern facilities.

Our Vision

By the year 2020 Upstate Cow Horse Productions goal is to have a regional super show that combines Reined Cow Horse(RCH) and Cutting with our local sorter to give away over $20,000 added. Currently the largest RCH events in the region are paying out $1000-$2500 in added money and most weekend Cuttings in the Northeast/New England area are non-existent. By utilizing a strong marketing campaign along with tapping into a underutilized sponsorship pool, we plan to make innovative show series that partners with educational opportunities at nearly no cost for those new to the sport will foster an atmosphere that is fun for all.